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Cowhill Express is a retailer and wholesaler of quality gourmet products. We offer a large retail selection of gourmet coffees, frozen drinks, gift baskets, coffee brewers, accessories and more. Products are available through several outlets, including our coffees shops, order form and online store. We wholesale gourmet frozen drink syrups, granita machines, and commercial blenders.

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Brief History

Cowhill Express began selling coffee at First Monday Trade Days in Canton, Texas, and then opened a small coffee shop in Commerce. The hot months created a demand for colder drinks, which influenced the creation of our frozen cappuccino. It became so popular, we began bottling the syrup for customers to make at home. We also started wholesaling these same syrups to other shops. Our frozen cappuccinos and fruit granitas are now served up daily in many great coffee shops, tearooms, gourmet food stores, restaurants and gift shops around the country.

In its quest to find America's best products, QVC television shopping network toured 50 states in 50 weeks, airing a special program for each state. Our frozen cappuccino syrups were featured as one of the best products in the state of Texas and sold out within minutes. We continued selling on QVC for the next few years.

Over the years, we've added many new coffees and frozen drinks, along with equipment for home and commercial use. Customers can now purchase most products through our mail order form or online store. We plan to continue adding quality items to our selection and welcome customers' suggestions for new items or flavors.

Company Highlights & Affiliations

  • Our frozen cappuccino syrups were featured on QVC television shopping network for years and awarded as one of the "Best Products in the State of Texas."
  • Coffee shop was featured on Channel 8 News (Dallas/Fort Worth).
  • Cowhill Express is a member of the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade, Inc. (NASFT), and our frozen cappuccino and fruit granita syrups are exhibited at their pretigious Fancy Food Shows.
  • Cowhill Express is a Go Texan member. Our frozen cappuccino syrups were featured in their General Store at the State Fair of Texas.
  • Cowhill Express is a Coffee Kids sponsor.