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Ordering Options for Retail Customers

Ordering Options for Wholesale Customers

  • Call 903-886-2100
  • Mail order to:
      Cowhill Express
      Attn: Order Department
      1212 Main Street
      Commerce, TX 75428

Our website is not set up for wholesale orders at this time. If you place a wholesale order through this site, you will be charged retail prices!

Please DO NOT ORDER BY EMAIL for the following reasons
  • It's completely insecure
  • These orders are almost always processed last, resulting in delays
  • We get lots of email, and it takes a long time to sort through it all
  • Could easily be filtered out as spam
  • Your order may go completely unnoticed
  • It's very difficult for us to determine whether or not the order is legitimate
  • If any information is missing, we could easily get your order wrong or not be able to process it at all