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First of all, we would like to thank all of our customers who have taken the time to submit feedback about our products and service. We have also received many great recipes and suggestions along the way.

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This is THE best coffee we've ever had...

Great Coffee. The Panama Coffee is so good. Fresh and delivery is always on time. We buy 3 pounds a month. Have for a couple of years. Not one problem ever with this company.

These are hard times, but not so hard that we can deprive ourselves of the sinful pleasure of your Panama Boquete.

Have had your stash tea before and love it!!! You guys sell the best products.

White Christmas coffee is WONDERFUL!

I receive my package so fast it is amazing! Best products ever!

Love your company, hope all is well and even in a bad economy, we can't resist our coffee. You make my day.

Thank U shaved chocolate in a shaker was almost impossible to find!!!!


Our package came damaged, but our coffee was safe and sound. Thank you, you rock my morning.

We're drinking your coffee to help us cover all this Tropical Activity. The Weather Channel Promotions Group says..Thank You!

What a great place. Thank you for making my mornings bearable.

This is without a doubt the most wonderful companies I have ever dealt with. You guys are great. We love you. Don't ever go away. My family loved the coffee during their stay for my mom's 80th birthday. Even in these horrible times, money is tight, it is not tight enough to miss our coffee. Thank you.

New to coffee drinking, the staff took the time for a detailed description of how to make small pots of coffee, flavored coffees that would be "novice" friendly, plus even a detailed list of additions that I might enjoy in a cup of coffee. The packaging could have safely gone around the world! Will definitely be back!!!

As always, excellent on all counts.

My mom is 80 years old this month and we are having a family reunion. Can't wait to tell the family about your coffee and your site. Your service is like clockwork. We can always depend on your box making it before the last drop before the previous order is finished. Thanks for a great site and a great company and especially for Panama Coffee

Excellent service with very quick delivery

Every time I make a pot of coffee and we have guests they tell us this is the best coffee they have ever had. Wow. We have been buying from you guys for 2 years now. We love it. Panama is the best bean ever. It is a great kept secret. Affordable. Thank you for your great service.

Hey Cowhill Express! We at The Weather Channel sure do enjoy your coffee. Thanks!

My husband loves their coffee (I'm sorry, I don't drink coffee). This is the only place I buy it for him. It is always fresh and the flavor is wonderful. His favorite is Coconut Cream.

My parents loved the gift basket. They said everything was great. Thanks!

Their product is superior and everytime I order I receive my coffee in record time! I tried numerous flavors of their coffee and all of them were flavorful and reasonably priced.

The banana nut, snickerdoodle and vermont maple are very good, but cowhill express blend is the best coffee I've ever had!! I will be ordering again when i run out. Thanks for the great coffee.

Not only a fantastic product, but excellent customer service. Im a repeat customer, and shall continue to be for a long time to come.......

As always, exceptional service and quality.

Cant live without my Snickerdoodle coffee, and Cowhill Express makes it easy!

The best!!

This was a great place to do business with. They have excellent service in all areas. I was very satisfied with my purchase. I will definately shop here again. They have a wide variety of coffees etc. to choose from and I really appreciate that.

I enjoyed my experience with Cowhill Express. After placing my order, I even decided to change it and add to my previous order. However, the order had already been processed, so Cowhill Express sent me the additional item with no additional shipping fees. I was very pleased. The items arrived two days later in great condition. It was a very good experience. I will use Cowhill Express again!

The product is excellent, it is not often that I will purchase something like this to be mailed to me.

This was my first purchase and I am very pleased. The coffee has a wonderful flavor and the price was good. Shipping was incredibly fast. I give this merchant a thumbs up !

Not a single problem, plus ~ I LOVE Snickerdoodle coffee. Highest recommendation.

Great experience! I will definitely purchase more coffee in the future.

Excellent site!

I love the coffee I received, but the shipping cost was a bit much. The shipping cost was almost as much as the coffee. You have a great selection of things I would like to try, but I cant afford the cost of shipping.

I truly love Cowhills coffee and cannot see myself pruchasing from any other company. Service is great, ordering online is really easy and the email follow up is exceptional. Pricing is not too bad and not too wonderful ... but the good service more than offsets a little higher than Walmart pricing. Of course, Walmard does have those scooters you can drive around through the store. Thanks CowHill! KB

Definitely one of my TOP online shopping expierences! Cowhill is a FAV! Would be nice to be made of any special offers from Cowhill so I would be likely to purchase even more from them!

Overall, the coffe got here very fast with ground service and it was fresh and tastes fantastic! I would recommed Cowhill to anyone, and will continue to use them!

Always GREAT coffee, delivered quickly. Website is easy to use. Ive been a return customer for quite a while now.

Best coffee -best variety... I love every flavor I have tried-I just wish there were some Cowhill coffee shops-similar to the one in Commerce...

We have used this merchant many times and always receive the very best quality coffee beans and the selection is fantastic. We are VERY particular about the beans we use and Cowhill has never been anything but top notch. In all our many purchases we have only had one incident of error on an order and Cowhill immediately resolved the problem when notified of it. You will be amazed at the selection-and be sure and check out the syrups for frozen cappucino- Great recipes come with these. We have visited the store in Commerce too-Totally worth the trip. Go ahead-get hooked! We did (thought the decaf is good too)....

Such a good product and I love that I am able to order it sugar-free - so important for good health guidelines for me.


I was delighted to find Cowhill Coffee and to be so near me. The only thing Id like to see if more decaf flavors in the flavor coffee section, such as decaf Angels Kiss or Decaf Frangelico Creme, otherwise, it is great!!! Thanks!

The coffee I ordered was great. I did order 2 pounds of flavored coffee and asked that 1 be beans and the other grounds and I received both as beans but regardless, I am very satisfied with my purchase. Thank You :)

Excellent coffee. Great merchant. Am a return customer. Very pleased.

This survey should be in larger print!!!! Too hard to read.

This is the first time I have used this merchant. Ordering was easy. Delivery prompt. Coffee was excellent. Very pleased.

Very good service and quick delivery.

excellent product, extremely fast service, very courteous during telephone conversation

Flawless purchasing experience, and the coffee tastes great!!!

Great coffee; great service.


Very pleased with the service.

Coffee price OK, shipping a little high.


the coffie is very good

A little pricey but the service was some of the best Ive seen. My order was shipped within minutes! Excellent vendor and Im keeping them in my favorites.

Great choice, great coffee, fast turnaround - love the service! Well keep ordering, as youve got our favorite coffee, and its quick & easy!

Again, really good coffee! and excellent service too.

Excellent product. Speedy delivery.

The order went through quickly, I received a confirming e-mail and I received the order faster than expected.

Really good, smooth, flavourful coffee. Will definitely be ordering from this company again. Quick service, too.

This company has a great variety of coffees for a great price. I have bought coffee from this company for a couple of years, and they are great!

Excellent service and very fast delivery which I appreciate. Would order again with no hesitation.

My grandparents had no Snickerdoodle for a while so i found it with Cowhill. They were pleased that it was located in Texas too! They live in Los Colinas and take great pride in being Texan.

Received order quickly, coffee tasted wonderful, will order from again! Thank you.

I have been using Cowhill for a couple of years. Just when you think they are the best merchant ever, they find a way to improve. Customer service is first rate.

A great idea for a coffee poster using the coffee word from keywind coffee cans.

I enjoyed their wide selection and quick delivery....especially during the holidays.

Excellent product, very timely delivery and excellent packaging although a little over kill in the box size. I felt shipping charge was a little on the pricey side but I will purchase from this company again. Good quality coffee.

I was pleased with the selection, ease, convenience, price of shopping online..... My only complaint is the quality/taste of my selections. This was my first experience with Cowhill coffees and was somewhat disappointed with the taste of the 2 flavored coffees. I have had Snickerdoodle coffee before and it was rather smooth, good, and flavorful. I dont recall who it was by so I hoped that this would live up to that standard. It was somewhat bitter and not as flavorful as I hoped. As for the White Christmas, it was ok. I wasnt sure what to expect. I may try other selections in the future from Cowhill, but perhaps not for awhile and not these two selections.

The Kenya AA was good but not great. Ive had better. Good and timely shipping. Its pachaged well.

I had used the product previously purchased elsewhere besides on-line, so I was already familiar with it. I was glad to find that I could order it on-line, though and pleasantly surprised to find some variations of the product also available that I wasnt aware of. I received the items that I ordered very quickly, and they were as described. No problems whatsoever, and I will order more in the future when I need more!

Ordered 5 coffeee flavorings on Friday and they were on my porch on Tuesday. Quick and reliable.

Thank you. Im having a cup of your Vermont Maple right now and coulnt be happier!

I am totally satisfied with the coffee beans I ordered and the quick delivery time in which I received the product. I will certainly order again in the future.

Great stuff.

My ordered arrived so quickly and the quality of the product was excellent. I will definitely order again.

Have been using this vendor for a few months now and I rate hime one of the best.

I have ordered from this company for many years. The give prompt delivery, have great, fresh, products and I am certain I will use them many times in the future.

This was an utterly painless shopping experience. I will gladly refer others to this companys web site for their coffee purchases.

Tbe best coffee you will ever purchase! It beats all the others by far!

This is the first time Ive purchased anything from this Merchant. I was very satisfied and I will be buying more from them. Laurie

This was the best ordering experience ever. Cowhill is my new best friend for coffee! The service and product are outstanding!!

The Best

Excellent and effortless purchase from this Seller; very fast shipping. Will be a returning customer. Thanks very much!

Best service. Best prices. Best coffee!

I work for a large company in Dallas and have been ordering coffee from Cowhill Express for over a year for the office. A co-worker who was already a customer of theirs was kind enough to share her great find with me. The coffees are delicious, no matter which flavor you choose and their customer service is tops. Shoppping on the internet makes it quick and easy. If you want a large variety of great coffees at very reasonable prices, this is the place! I plan on being a lifetime customer.

Im stationed overseas and have never had a problem with shipping or delivery. Selection of coffees is great, prices are reasonable and shipping date is always the same or next day. Ill continue to order from this vendor.

One of the best merchants I have dealt with on the Internet. Great follow up

Very fast shipping. Excellent blueberry cinnamon coffee and very good variety, am a repeat customer and will contineu to be for a very long time.

Speedy service. Great products.

Cowhill Express has the best quality coffee anywhere! Great variety! Wonderful coffee, tea & flavorings.

I have ordered from Cowhill Express several times and I am very pleased with all of their services

I recently tried to order three types of coffees and ran into a minor problem having the items shipped to an APO AE address. I emailed Cowhill Express about my dilemna and they had the problem fixed the next day and emailed me about the fix. Im presently stationed in Iraq and Cowhill Express was able to get my items to me in nine days, that is an unheard of delivery time in this area. The items I ordered were of excellent quality and packaged to withstand numerous customs inspections and hazardous methods of transportation. I especially liked my emails being answered so promptly, a solution arrived at quickly and the products shipped in a timely manner. I am also very pleased with the selections of coffees available to me and hope that in the near future opportunity allows me to try many of the other products they offer.

Very positive experience! Glad to know that I can buy the coffees I love so easily!

Great Store and Coffee Wally Zittle

Excellent!!! Wonderful products!!! I will, without a doubt, be back again!!!

Ive used this merchant for a couple of years now, and have always been completely satisfied.

Tracking number received within three (3) hours of placing order. Order delivered within three (3) days of placement. Excellent service, no hassles. Performed as advertised.

They service is very good, and I recommend them to people when I get the chance.

This company is wonderful, I love their blueberry cinnamon coffee. the shipping is fast and is the same for one pound as it is for nine. Will definately shop again!! a merchsnt.

We were quite pleased with our multiple purchase from Cowhill Express Coffees. Although our purchases were quite close to Christmas we were worried they would not arrive in time. However, we have received many Christmas cards thanking us for our gifts. Since we selected a Texas company and our family is in Texas it worked out great. We ending up ordering for ourselves and were quite pleased with the service and products. Overall, we highly recommend Cowhill Express and their products without any reservation.

Ordering was simple, the package arrived in 2 days. Great product. A suggestion I would make. Please offer holiday gift packages with 1/4 lb pkgs of various coffees plus syrups and mugs. I would have ordered a couple of gift boxes if it was offered. Great products

Ordered Vermont Maple Coffee. It arrived faster than expected by UPS. The price for a pound was $9.95 which is a comparable price to other gourmet coffees. The coffee itself tasted just as described like grandmas maple syrup pancakes. In fact, the aroma filled the whole house. It was like Thanksgiving morning every moment. The taste was not bitter as some flavored coffees are prone to be. Also I think this was a medium roast coffee not a dark roast like French which is normally my favorite. But Vermont Maple stood light years ahead of any coffee I have ever tasted. It was coffee heaven. My husband and I went through the whole pound in about 3 days (takes us about 7 days to go through 12 oz.) We just ordered another 3 pounds. Were addicted and cant get enough. The packaging is pleasant and even beautiul. It allows the coffee aroma to leak out ever so slightly. What an experience! All I can say is BRAVO!

A fine company to deal with! I plan to make more coffee purchases from these folks. Glad I found them on the web.

I received my delivery timely as well as email order confirmations. I will use Cowhill Express in the future.

I had six friends that went to Canton and bought it. I served to several friends and family and everyone thought it was the best. It is a wonderful product. I ordered some different things and the Cappuccino was the favorite. I got it in regular, decaf and sugar-free and they were all great. I didnt care at all for the Peach and I have not tried the Texas Cream yet. Thank you for a wonderful product! Susan Jasper of Whitehouse, Texas

They where very friendly. The item shipped to my Mother was packaged perfect she said. I was very pleased. Will order again.. Tricia

Ordering something simple like coffee beans should be simple and quick. At Cowhill it is! The whole process works like it is supposed to, and there are no surprises. Their ordering/delivery process is as good as it gets. The quality of the coffee is excellent, and the price is fair. I will almost certainly order additional coffee from Cowhill Express in the future.

This is the best coffee in the world. The delivery time is amazing. I usually get my order the next day. Dont change a thing.

The packing and speed of delivery was excellent, along with the customer service. I had e-mailed them with questions about the product, and I received a prompt and informative response.

The web site was easy to move around in and was easy to find what you were looking for. The checkoutwas easily done. The coffee is very good and the delivery was excellent. All in all I would give the web site and company an A, and I will go back and shop on this site.

Another great experience!

The coffee was absolutely fantastic!! I have tried several other companies versions of blueberry cinnamon coffee and i returned all but this one. It really is great. I will definately order from them again. Ithe only tiny bit of dissatisfaction was the shipping price. It was about 50% of the cost of the coffee purchased. But, i would recommend them to anyone looking for really great tasting flavored coffees.

Great service, shipping was quick. I would do business with them again.

Everything was just great! Even though there was an error in one of the products shipped. Customer service quickly shipped the correct product and even just let me keep the one that was sent be mistake! I highly recommend Cowhill Express and will order from them again!

Easy online ordering, quick delivery and excellent quality coffee...

My order for flavored decaf coffee was processed and shipped immediately. The coffee is distictly better than the other two online places Ive tried, and the flavors are clear without being overwhelming. I will buy from them again. The only reason not to try them first is the price, which is a little higher than some others.

Requested my order be mailed to my P.O. Box and they complied, which I appreciated.

Excellent quality and quick service for a responsible price.

Ive purchased these items from Cowhill Express many times, and have always been impressed with the ease of purchase, quality of items, and speed of delivery.

I have purchased from Cowhill several times and the quality of merchandise and service is the best I have ever experienced on the web. I generally place the order in the morning and it always ships the same day! I often get it next day, even though it ships UPS Ground. Thanks Cowhill!

I appreciated the fact they honored my request to ship to my P.O. Box rather than UPS. Also the coffee is flavorful.

Order arrived in a very timely manner, and I love the syrup. Thank you, Kim

Fast service and the best tasting frozen Cappuccino I ever tasted. Try it and I know you will love it ,too! Perfect as a gift to someone Special. Marion Stauter

Of course it has to do with proximity of Cowhill Express to my location but I placed the order one morning and the next day I had the order. The product is wonderful and I enjoy doing business with Cowhill Express. First pound I bought face to face at Canton Trading Days but the follow-up on the web was just as enjoyable an experience. Thank You.

Went out of their way to make sure my order was right!, by a phone call... efficient, friendly, promptly delivery, good packing and a Great product!! Tasty.....

They even grinded the coffee beans per my special request. Thank you.

Quick shipment, accurate orders, excellent product.

Very good coffee. I can't wait to try different flavors coffees.

Fast shipping

I have only ordered the frozen cappuccino. It is an excellent product. I have reordered it 4 times in the last month as new friends and family memebers want thier own. The delivery time is as stated, the product is shipped the same day and I receive notices of my order and when it is shipped. Can't ask for more.

This was the first time I ordered coffee on the web, and was well satisfied with everything. Had a little problem with the address, but that was my fault. I plan to order more coffee from Cowhill Express.

We have been ordering coffee from Cowhill Express for at least 5 - 7 years because: the product is excellent and I have ALWAYS been very pleased with the customer interaction I have had with them, both on the InterNet and via phone conversations. We don't think twice about telling others about our favorite and ONLY coffee source. Fred Beane

The coffee I ordered came fairly quickly, and was delicious.

Do to an error of my own,I hadn't actually placed my order. I e-mailed cowhill,and I wasn't to polite about it. Well,the company e-mailed me back and even called me on the phone to insure I got what I wanted.The folks at cowhill are very polite, and showed they really care about thier customers.I will order from them again.The flavors of coffee they offer are exellent. There so good,I've started drinking coffee again, myself,after five years.Have also shared the knowledge of thier company with many others.

The best decaf coffees ever! We've been buying Cowhill for years at Canton "First Mondays" until I found their website! They accidentally short-shipped, I fired off an e-mail, had an apologetic response the same day and the coffee the next! Awesome Customer Service.

I had a great ordering experience, I have told all of my friends. Thanks!!

Ordering process was fast and easy and the coffee was shipped quickly. Coffee was wonderful!

There actually was a mixup with my order -- no big deal -- and they instructed me to send back the wrong items and they'd send out the right ones. The next day, I received an e-mail saying I should just keep all the products and they'd only bill me for the ones I ordered. As I said, the mixup was not a big deal, so I was surprised and pleased at their generosity. I would definitely order from them again! Thank you Cowhill Express! Sincerely, Anne Babineau

I used to buy Cowhill Express's Frozen Cappuccino syrups through QVC, but they stopped carrying them. I was thrilled to find out they were on the web and I could order them online. I also discovered on the online website that they sell other products that I am going to have to try. So far, I have been thrilled with their products and am glad I shall be able to continue to get them.

Product is fantastic!! Cowhill is very prompt with the shipping of their product. In fact, I ordered on a Saturday and received product on a Tuesday. I highly recommend folks to do business with this vendor. CF