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Songwriters' Night Videos - February 28, 2008

Highlights - Video 1
Featured Artists:
  1. Brad Davis, "Life is a Train"
  2. Briley Davis & Brad Davis, "Concrete"
  3. Ryan Booth, "Tequila & Rain"
  4. Lyssa Kittelson, "The Black Thing"
  5. Michael "Cass" Castleberry, "I Do You Too"
  6. Kristin Lane, "Away With Me"
  7. Russell Caldwell, "Together You and Me"

Highlights - Video 2
Featured Artists:
  1. Kenneth Chapin, "Rambler"
  2. Hunter Thompson Singleton, "In the Trees"
  3. Lou Ann Petty, "Jackass ess Need Not Apply"
  4. Tom Curtis, "Jungle Floor"
  5. Brandon Henderson, "Oh Lord"
  6. Jordan Barrick, "Eulogy for the Day"

Hunter Singleton
  1. In the Trees
  2. No Control

Ryan Booth
  1. Tequila & Rain
  2. Northern

Russell Caldwell
Russell Caldwell performing a couple songs.