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Vita-Mix Drink Machine Advance Blender

The Drink Machine Advance has 6 programs using just the dial switch! Each program combines the right speed and timing to eliminate the guesswork, allowing operators to have consistency from location to location, and drink to drink. Because of its patented long steel blade and XP Container, the Drink Machine Advance creates the smoothest blended beverages in less time and with less effort! Add frozen fruit and candy treats to jazz up your product offerings, and add to your profits as well!


  • EASY! Simple to operate. The Drink Machine Advance has 6 blender programs with 3-stage ramping, and turns off automatically.
  • IMPROVED BLADE DESIGN! The Drink Machine Advance offers a long, hardened stainless steel blade to increase blending speed and reduce blending time.
  • XTREME CONTAINER! The Drink Machine Advance has a 32 oz. / .9 L XP Container - it features a wide base that creates a powerful vortex, continually circulating ingredients and significantly reducing cavitation.
  • CONSISTENT! Perfectly blended smoothies, milkshakes, malts, frozen (not iced) coffees and teas, whole fruit and vegetable drinks...every time!
  • PROGRAMMABLE! Optional programming ability available to customize drinks and ensure consistency from location to location.
  • PULSE CONTROL! Easy-to-use pulse control quickly refreshes drinks.
  • QUIET! The new Drink Machine Advance is almost 20% quieter than previous models.
  • CONVENIENT! Flexible two-piece lid allows you to add ingredients while blending.
  • DURABLE! Heavy-duty motor engineered specifically for demanding smoothie and coffee shop operations.


  • BLENDER MOTOR: ≈ 2 peak hp
    120 VAC, 50/60 Hz., 11.5 amps
  • DIMENSIONS: 18 in. H x 8 in. W x 9 in. D
    45.7 cm H x 20.3 cm W x 22.9 cm D


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