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BUNN Ultra-2 HP Frozen Beverage Systems

Cowhill Express sells BUNN Ultra-2 HP frozen beverage systems. These machines provide a high-volume solution and promote impulse sales.

Vita-Mix Commercial Blenders

We also offer Vita-Mix commercial blenders. These high-powered blenders offer a flexible alternative to granita machines.

More BUNN Equipment & Accessories

We primarily sell frozen drink equipment to support our line of gourmet frozen drink syrups. However, we also offer coffee and tea brewers, airpots, airpot racks, hot cocoa machines, juice machines, and all other BUNN equipment and accessories. We suggest visiting BUNN's website for more information. Please contact us for pricing on specific items.

Blender vs. Granita Machine

To help you determine whether a blender or granita machine is right for you, we've listed several considerations below.

  • The initial investment for a blender is much lower than a granita machine. Blenders offer a great way to test granita sales in your store before purchasing expensive equipment. If you can't keep up with a blender, you're certainly selling enough to justify the purchase of a granita machine. Also, you can still use the blender for other drinks.
  • Blenders offer more flexibility and creativity than a granita machine. You can make a variety of drinks on demand, instead of being limited to a couple flavors. You can also enhance drinks by adding fruits, nuts, flavorings, etc.
  • Our sugar free cappuccinos were developed for blender use. They cannot be prepared in a granita machine.
  • Granita machines are fast! In extremely high-volume situations, a granita machine is often necessary to keep up. In our experience, customers generally come in waves, and they usually don't like to wait. If customers are constantly waiting, then you're probably losing sales. With a granita machine, you simply pull a handle and serve. This gives you more time to spend on labor-intensive, time-consuming drinks-like hot cappuccinos.
  • Blenders require continuous cleaning; whereas, granita machines only have to be cleaned periodically (usually once per week). Of course, it's much easier to clean a blender.
  • Granita machines draw attention and spark impulse sales. The finished product is in constant view of the customer. If nothing else, it creates curiosity. Often times, the drink will literally sell itself.
  • In our experience, sampling has been the single best selling technique. We encourage you to offer a sample to every customer, even if they purchase something entirely different. Granita machines make sampling easy. You simply dispense a small portion into a sample cup and serve. You can also use a blender to sample, but it requires a little more work. The best way is probably to blend a small batch for sampling, pour it into a container, and store in the freezer.


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