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Frequently Asked Questions


What items do you wholesale?

We wholesale frozen cappuccino syrups, fruit granita syrups, shaved chocolate, granita machines, BUNN equipment, and Vita-Mix blenders.

Do you wholesale coffee beans?

No, we are not a coffee wholesaler. We offer slightly lower prices to wholesale customers, but you should be able to purchase bulk coffee beans much cheaper from a wholesale roaster.

Who can buy at wholesale prices?

We wholesale to coffee shops, restaurants, gourmet food stores, gift shops, and other businesses of similar trade. We require each business to complete a wholesale application to qualify as a wholesale customer. To request an application, please click on "Request Info". Alternately, you can click on "Downloads" and then download the application.

How do retailers sell your cappuccino and fruit granita syrups?

Retailers sell our syrups off the shelf and by the drink. Higher profits can be made selling by the drink.

What is the best selling technique?

Quite simply...SAMPLE, SAMPLE, SAMPLE! In order to sell the drinks or bottles effectively, we recommend offering samples to every customer. Frozen cappuccinos and fruit granitas are a relatively new product, and a sample is often all it takes to get customers hooked (especially with frozen cappuccinos). Not to mention, a lot of people who do not like coffee will still enjoy our frozen cappuccinos.

Do I need a granita machine to prepare frozen cappuccinos and fruit granitas?

No. This is a common misconception. Our frozen cappuccinos and fruit granitas can be prepared using a blender, ice cream machine, or even a shaved ice maker. We suggest starting out with a blender that crushes ice, which will allow you to test the sales potential in your location. For commercial-grade blender information, please check out Vita-Mix. However, a granita machine allows for higher volume and quick, efficient service. It's also easier to sample with a granita machine. Finally, granita machines draw attention and promote impulse sales. If you can sell three frozen cappuccinos per day, then you're profiting enough to pay for a machine through our lease program.

How much fat is in your frozen cappuccinos?

The only fat is in the milk used in preparation and certain toppings that you may wish to use. If you prepare frozen cappuccino in a granita machine, then it is necessary to use whole milk for consistency and freezing purposes (3 fat grams per 12 oz. serving; 2 fat grams per 8 oz. serving). If you prepare frozen cappuccino in a blender, then you can use lowfat or skim milk.

Do I have to clean my granita machine every night?

No, the granita machines we sell have a night setting. During this time, the machine will refrigerate the product. This allows the product to melt down and then refreeze, which is necessary to maintain the correct texture and taste. Extended freezing causes the product to become too icy or airy and hinders the flavor. Our machines even have timers, which can be set to automatically switch between daytime and nightime modes. This also eliminates the hassle of getting to work an hour early just to start freezing the product. Depending on your local health department, you will probably be required to clean your machine once or twice a week.

Do I have to throw out the batch of frozen cappuccino or fruit granita after cleaning my granita machine?

Yes and no. Fruit granita can be saved and reused. Before cleaning, we suggest draining the product into gallon jugs and then refrigerating it. After cleaning, you can pour the product back into the machine the next day. Frozen cappuccino, however, is milk-based. This means that it will only last as long as the milk does. At some point, you will have to discard the batch (about once per week).

How much product do I need to keep in each machine hopper?

It's best to keep each hopper full. If you can see the auger rotating, then it's way too low. This causes air to be pulled into the product, which hinders texture and taste. It could also cause damage to your machine. We suggest premixing product in jugs and keeping it in a refrigerator. Then, you can add product throughout the day as it is served.

How do I clean my granita machine?

First, you need to drain out your product. You can either drain it and discard it or drain it into jugs to reuse (depending on age of product). If you're discarding the product, then it may be helpful to add water to thin it out and help it drain. If you're saving the product, then we suggest adding liquid (premixed) product to thin it out and help it drain. Now, you need to rinse out the machine with water. Next, you need to disassemble the parts and wash them in a sink (according to health department requirements). Then reassemble the machine. Next, you want to fill the machine with water and add one cap of bleach. Turn on the machine and let the augers rotate for about 5 minutes (make sure machine is not set on freeze or refrigerate). Finally, drain all the bleach water out and let the machine set until the next morning. At that time, you're ready to mix up a new batch.